Kaufmann, T., Sütterlin, S., Schulz, S.M., & Vögele, C. (2011).
ARTiiFACT: A tool for heart rate artifact processing and heart rate variability analysis. Behaviour Research Methods, 43(4), 1161-1170.


Below please find video tutorials on use of the software.

In case the videos are not displayed or displayed without sound, please check your browser settings.

You may also be interested in the tutorial created by ARTiiFACT user Nathalie Claes following this link.

Video tutorial 1: A first glance on ARTiiFACT: The main graphical user interface:

Video tutorial 2: Extraction of interbeat intervals (IBI) from electrocardiogram (ECG) data:

Video tutorial 3: Detection and processing of artifacts in interbeat interval (IBI) data:

Video tutorial 4: Computation of HRV parameters and test for normal distribution:

Old video tutorial for ARTiiFACT version 1: